Potent Uric Acid Cleanse – Natural Ingredients – Decrease Acidity Levels – Promotes Fast Relief – Reduce Swelling – Manage Urinary Tract Infections – Green Tea Extract – Chanca Piedra – Biogreen Labs


About the Product

  • Promote an elimination of Uric Acid thanks to these natural and pure Uric Acid complex supplements – includes substances such as Green Coffee Bean extract
  • Citric Acid can be used to offer protection against calcium loss and can decrease acidity levels in body fluids – this is a substance found in limes + oranges + strawberries + grapefruit
  • Chanca Piedra is a herb that is another potent ingredient which can be used to alleviate urinary tract problems – may also help against loss of appetite
  • Help to remedy problems caused by excess uric acid – pure and potent ingredients are hand selected to provide relief
  • This supplement also contains cranberry – it can be an excellent way to prevent problems with the urinary tract – it can also help to reduce swelling as well as help against kidney issues

Product Description

Do you need a Uric Acid cleanse to help you relieve pain caused by urinary tract infections and more? Then you need this Uric Acid formula from Biogreen Labs.

This supplement for men and women can help to promote an elimination of Uric Acid thanks to all natural and pure ingredients such as Green Tea extract, Chanca Piedra and Cranberry. Chanca Piedra is a herb that can be used to help alleviate urinary tract problems as well as being useful in combating a loss of appetite.

Green Tea extract can help boost the immune system as well as being good to promote weight loss and burn belly fat. This supplement can help burn calories and may boost the immune system. Cranberry can be used to help with urinary tract infections and may also help to relieve some symptoms of kidney problems. This substance is rich in antioxidant properties that are good for your body.

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