Biogreen Labs Green Tea Weight Loss Supplement with EGCG for Metabolism Boost – 60 Capsules

About the product
  • BURN BELLY FAT – Green Tea extract has EGCG plus Natural Caffeine which increases the burning of calories and fat as well as boost the metabolic rate needed to lose weight
  • PRE WORKOUT – Green Tea has been repeatedly shown to increase the burning of fat especially during exercise – Green Tea extract can aid in burning more fat during exercise
  • ANTIOXIDANT – Green Tea extract is loaded with Antioxidants like EGCG which has been studied to support better wellness and may have additional health benefits including for brain and heart function
  • NATURAL CAFFEINE – Green Tea capsules can affect more stable energy and more productivity – Natural Caffeine also may lead to improvements in mood – vigilance – and memory
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – Our products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that we give you the best products available. If you are unsatisfied you are entitled to 100% of your money back.

Product description

Green Tea has become one of the most popular natural supplements to aid in diet and weight loss, as well as healthy natural living, that’s perhaps credited to its effectiveness in many areas of health as well as productivity and lifestyle benefits.

Green Tea has also been known to boost brain function and activity as well as mood, due to its alkalinity. The bioactive compounds in Green Tea may have various protective effects on Neurons and promote better mental performance.

Likewise Green tea has been shown to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels to some extent, Additionally it has been known to promote Cardiac & Arterial Health, certain components in green tea may help prevent thickening of the blood.

We take extra care that our Green Tea capsules are ALL PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS so that it’s effectiveness is at the highest standard, We Guarantee our product with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

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