Glucomannan for Weight Loss + Appetite Suppressant + Natural Constipation Relief – Konjac Root Powder Bulk Supplement for Digestive Health – Fast Acting Capsules for Women & Men – Nature Bound

About the product

  • GLUCOMANNAN KONJAC ROOT POWDER supplement for weight loss + constipation relief + blood sugar and cholesterol support is an all-natural chemical free fiber rich appetite suppressant for men & women.
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANT high dietary fiber content helps fill you up & increase levels of satiety. Konjac root powder bulk suppresses appetite to aid healthy eating for ultimate weight loss results.
  • RELIEVE CONSTIPATION glucommanan powder pills contain high levels of soluble fiber for digestive support. Provide gentle constipation relief and supports regularity and a healthy digestive system.
  • LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY glucomannan for weight loss supports fat burning metabolism and is an herbal weight loss remedy for a lean body. Combine with a healthy diet & fitness routine for best results.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE powerful fast acting weight loss boost supplement is nourishing & easy to swallow. Plant based chemical free pill to suppress appetite & boost colon health is great for men & women.

Product description
Glucomannan is a high fiber supplement derived from the konjac root plant. This nourishing detox pill is the perfect way to lose weight and support your digestive system gently and naturally. Our herbal remedy is a homeopathic solution to constipation and gently relieves you quickly and gently. Konjac root also supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol. Healthy stable blood sugar and a cleansed colon result in increased energy.

Lose weight and get lean with our all natural herbal glucomannan dietary supplement that provides your body with high levels of soluble fiber to help you feel full. In addition to suppressing appetite, this capsule has the ability to build bulk for gentle constipation relief and digestive health support. Konjac root not only absorbs water for bulk creating purposes, but fats too, for a fat burning weight loss result.

This amazing vitamin is easy to swallow and fast acting to give relief when you need it most. Our supplement is a simple way to help you manage your appetite and weight by helping to control your food intake. This chemical & cruelty free formula also helps support blood glucose levels and healthy cholesterol for a multi-functional pill that provides excellent nourishment. This fiber supplement is great for men and women.

• Glucomannan For Weight Loss • Konjac Root Diet Pills • Constipation Relief All Natural • High Fiber Supplement • Digestive Health Support • Appetite Suppressant • Chemical Free & Cruelty Free • Made In A Facility That Exceeds GMP Standards

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