Pure Biotin Supplement – Get Thick Shiny Hair – Strong Nails – Hair Growth + Clear Skin – 10000mcg All Natural Vegetarian Vitamin Capsules – For Men + Women with Hair Loss or Thinning




Product description
Biotin is one of the most important vitamins for looking and feeling good. Our pure, potent capsules are stacked full of all natural vitamin B7. Wow yourself and everyone around you when you pick up a bottle! Look for effects like longer, stronger, shinier, healthier hair with an unmistakable lustrous glow. As well as clearer skin, stronger nails and an all-over glowing effect. Biotin is so popular for hair health; it has been nicknamed Vitamin H! It’s a common go-to for beauty and luminescence. But, it also nourishes your body on the inside. Biotin is technically Vitamin B7 and supports metabolism of carbs, fat and protein, supports the nervous system, liver and eyes. It plays a part in weight loss, maintaining blood sugar, repairing tissue and muscles, revitalizing dull skin, lowering cholesterol and helping deliver energy/fuel/glucose to cells. Our pills are vegan/vegetarian and suitable for all types of diets. Completely pure and tested for quality, we offer a 100% guarantee to all our customers. We’d love to hear how taking our biotin supplement has helped your beauty and health routine!



About the product

  • LONGER STRONGER THICKER – Hair with body – less breakage for shinier + more light reflective hair – natural split end treatment helps new growth – your own before and after – noticeably lustrous hair
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH – Biotin is a B complex vitamin – inner vitality shows up in hair skin + nails – convert food + carbs + glucose into energy + fuel – low carb diet supports an even higher metabolism
  • BIGGER DOSE – 10000 mcg – double 5000 mcg – quick absorption of high quality bioavailable Biotin + glowing beautiful appearance – happy customers love the potent purity + biologically active Vitamin B
  • BETTER SKIN + NAILS – Simple beauty advice from doctors + experts – extra strength biotin to support growing nails longer – clearing skin on face + body – glow + get noticed with our veg + veggie caps
  • BEAUTIFY THE ORGANIC WAY – Vegetarian pills help thicken hair + detangle hair + clarify hair follicles + make for easier hair care – nourish yourself inside first – it will show in your appearance

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