Pure Natural Digestive Enzymes for Women & Men – Protein + Carbohydrates – Stop Bloating & Flatulence With Protease Enzyme + Bromelain Supplements+Lactase Pills+Acidophilus By Biogreen Labs

About the product
  • Potent digestive enzyme blend to help you break down essential nutrients and keep your digestive system healthy – stops bloating and flatulence + can reduce swelling
  • Acidophilus can help to keep cholesterol under control and boost the immune system – can help to reduce problems caused by lactose intolerance + helps lower cholesterol
  • Protease helps to break down protein and peptides in the body – this digestive enzyme will release natural substances like amino acids back into the bloodstream
  • Bromelain can help to remove fat + help with fat loss – this can also relax muscle + can be used to improve how many vitamins are absorbed into the system – this can also help to reduce muscle pain after exercise
  • This digestive supplement also contains Alpha galactosidase will also help to break down complex carbohydrate within the body and help prevent flatulence

Product description

Boost the health of your digestive system thanks to these natural and pure Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend capsules for women and men from Biogreen Labs.

Ingredients like Acidophilus, Protease, Alpha galactosidase and Bromelain will help you to stay healthier for longer – and they pack a serious punch with a number of benefits to your gut and your overall system.

Acidophilus is an important enzyme for keeping your digestive system in good health, and this can be used to keep cholesterol levels low, help treat the irritation caused by lactose intolerance and it can also help to boost the immune system.

Bromelain is found in pineapples and pineapple juice – as well as acting as a muscle relaxant, helping with the absorption of vitamins as well as limiting the amount of muscle soreness caused as a result of exercise.

Protease is an important part of how protein is broken down in the body, and you may struggle to break down the substance if you are protease deficient.

Each capsule of Makzyme-Pro contains 400 mg of active ingredients and each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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