Thyroid Support Natural Complex Supplement Capsules with Vitamin B-12 Zinc and Iodine Increase Metabolism Boost Immune System Thyroid Energy Booster Weight Loss Men & Women by Opti Natural

About the product

  • Thyroid Support supplement has beneficial herbal extracts which can improve weight loss diets and enhance the effectiveness of exercise as well as boost the metabolism and immune system
  • Vitamin B12 offers health benefits in many areas like weight management and maintaining good energy levels – a diet rich in this vitamin has been shown to support good vision and stronger memory
  • Thyroid Support is a natural formula with supplements such Ashwagandha which can Improve thyroid function – promote mood balance – combat effects of stress – help lower cholesterol
  • Our Thyroid Support supplements are full of 100% Natural supplements and potent vitamins to ensure its effectiveness and many health benefits – it is a powerful Antioxidant
  • Our powerful Thyroid Support supplement has 240 mg Schizandra – 200 mg Ashwagandha – 50 mg Bladderwrack – 30 mg Cayenne Pepper – 38 mg Kelp combined with 300 mg L Tyrosine

Product description

Are you feeling like you don’t have the energy to exercise? Do you have a heavy or tired head, especially in the afternoon? Falling asleep as soon as you sit down when you don’t have anything to do? These are strong indicators that Thyroid Support may just be the perfect natural supplement for you.

Thyroid Support combines Ashwagandha with the herb Bladderwrack, which can help balance thyroid hormones. Ashwagandha can also provide some direct benefits to the thyroid gland. Ashwagandha helps to improve the health of the immune system and has general health benefits.

Thyroid Support also has Zinc, which has many functions in the body but it most significantly impacts immune system function, hair growth, eye and skin health, digestive health, omega-3 fatty acid metabolism, growth and of course thyroid function. Zinc is involved in more than 300 known enzymes in the body. Adequate zinc levels are vital to properly metabolize vitamin D and vitamin A, both of which are vital for thyroid health.

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