Max Potency Glutathione – Skin Whitening Pills + Milk Thistle Extract + Alpha Lipoic Acid – 500mg Pure Reduced Anti Aging Antioxidant – Face Lightening Supplement – for Women + Men by Bio Sense

Max Potency Glutathione –Skin Whitening Pills + Milk Thistle Extract + Alpha Lipoic Acid – 500mg Pure Reduced Anti Aging Antioxidant – Face Lightening Supplement – for Women + Men by Opti Natural


Product description

For a stacked, triple-packed punch of antioxidant power, grab a bottle of our Glutathione with Milk Thistle Extract + ALA. Combined and balanced for a multitude of benefits, the most popular being skin brightening and lightening. Glutathione whitens face and skin by binding to melanin. It is naturally produced in the liver and also functions to repair and build tissue in the body, support the immune system, and help produce essential proteins. What’s in it? Our formulation is made with only the highest quality, pure sourced extracts and compounds.

We include: -500 mg Glutathione -100 mg Milk Thistle Extract -50 mg ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) What else can it do? This blend supports many body functions, processes and organs. Milk Thistle Extract promotes production of L-Glutathione in the liver, as well as boosts the liver’s function, detoxification and health. We add Alpha Lipoic Acid due to its high antioxidant activity as a fatty acid and naturally occurring cellular substance that assists in the production, maintenance and restoration of Glutathione in the body. Many use the ingredients in this blend to boost immunity, increase energy, promote lung health, improve kidney, liver and artery hardiness, help muscle and tissue recovery, and strengthen blood flow. Each of our supplements and ingredients is carefully sourced, blended and packaged. We stand behind our products and offer a 100% full guarantee of your satisfaction! We love to hear from our customers about how the Glutathione formula has improved their lives and helped them reach their goals!

About the product
  • DETOX LIVER + MORE – High Quality glutathione blend binds to melanin to lighten skin but has many other functions – supports liver health – cognitive function – brain rejuvenation – holistic wellness
  • MAX SKIN LIGHTENING – Pure + potent reduced Glutathione – 500 mg daily dose – take orally for simple + organic way to brighten skin + detox liver + promote holistic health – easier than Glutathione IV
  • HIGH ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY – Glutathione with milk Thistle and Alpha Lipoic Acid combines to deliver cleansing energy straight to your cells – skip the Glutathione pills – patches – soap + creams
  • WITH MILK THISTLE – Milk Thistle Extract is a natural substance known for its healing and recovery promoting abilities – 100mg balances our formulation that is stacked full of natural ingredients
  • 50 MG ALPHA LIPOIC ACID ADDED – ALA is a fatty acid + important nootropic with high antioxidant activity that protects cells – creates energy + ATP – even supports muscle recovery for bodybuilders

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