Pure Biotin Supplement – Vitamin B7 for Hair Loss – Strengthens Hair to Reduce Breakage – Good for Skin and Nails – Aids Digestion and Helps Stop Thinning Hair – For Women and Men By Biogreen Labs


Product description

Take Biotin for hair growth to reverse the signs of balding, brittle nails and skin rash in kids with these natural and pure supplements for men and women by Biogreen Labs.

When you lack this substance in your body, it can result in a number of different inflictions – like thinning hair, alopecia or even hair loss. However, these potent pills will be your body’s best defence against problems like that, and it might even help you to lose weight.

As well as the benefits to do with hair, Biotin can also help break down fat and carbohydrates quicker, boosting the metabolism and helping you to burn off calories quicker – which may result in accelerated weight loss and the ability to burn belly fat.

Scientific studies have also suggested that this product can be used as a good way to lower cholesterol and reduce the amount of LDL’s and triglycerides in the system – which is a massive health benefit.

These capsules are non GMO, and take be taken by the whole family – kids include. Just make one, 10,000 mcg capsule part of your daily return. Take these with a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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