Natural Saw Palmetto Capsules Promotes Healthy Prostate – Promotes Bladder Control and Stops Frequent Urination – Fights Hair Loss by Reducing DHT for Thicker Hair – 500mg Easy To Swallow Capsules

Prostate Support Supplement for Health – Copper + Zinc + Saw Palmetto + Vitamin B6 – Increase Libido – Reduce Frequent Urination – With Pygeum + L-Glycine + Pumpkin Seed Extract – By Griffith Natural

Product description

Saw palmetto is a natural health supplement that aids with an enlarged prostate gland, is made in the USA and is NON-GMO. This pill is beneficial to men dealing with benign prostate hyperplasia. This high quality vitamin can aid with the respiratory system and with mucous membrane irritation. This high grade vitamin will increase your sex drive and sperm count and can even reduce acne symptoms. Saw palmetto prevents the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase from converting testosterone into DHT.

This action has been found beneficial to reduce the size of the prostate. Men who suffer from hair loss and baldness have been found to have high levels of DHT. Balancing these DHT and testosterone levels result in hair regrowth. What better way is there to achieve all this other than with the all-natural, fast acting saw palmetto supplements? Serenoa Repens is another name for Saw Palmetto, this hardy palm tree can grow to about 10 feet tall.

It grows along the southeastern coastline of the United States. This effective dietary supplement will help you start a steady urine stream and end those all too frequent night time bathroom trips. Balancing your testosterone levels and decreasing your DHT levels also known as Dihydrotestosterone levels will revert your hair loss. Balancing your testosterone levels with this natural vitamin will increase your libido, acting as a safe and effective aphrodisiac. • Stop Those Night Time Bathroom Trips • Keeps Your Prostate Healthy • Safe Aphrodisiac • NON-GMO • Made In The USA • Promotes Hair • FDA Approved • Easy To Swallow.

About the product
  • PURE NATURAL SAW PALMETTO CAPSULES improve prostate health & urination. Effective in balanced hormones & libido. Can relieve mucous membrane irritation. Take 1 capsule daily at mealtime or as directed.
  • BEST SAW PALMETTO SUPPLEMENTS boosts prostate gland. Promotes libido & sperm count. Enhances sex drive & works as an aphrodisiac. This effective dietary complex has rich ingredients & absorbs rapidly.
  • DECREASES DHT LEVELS protects you against hair loss. Boosts testosterone levels & low sperm count. This berry extract mineral vitamin Supports Urological System also known as renal system & bladder.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VITAMINS These potent & easy to swallow pills slow the prostate gland from enlarging, benefits aging men who also struggle with hair loss and thinning hair. Powerful splant sterol formula.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE NON-GMO high grade maximum strength supplement made in the USA. This berry extract vitamin of 500 mg contains both powder / 25% extract making our product the best of both worlds.

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