5HTP Time Release Supplement for Kids, Women and Men a Natural 5HTP 50MG Capsule Promote Weight Loss, Releases Serotonin, Promotes Wellbeing and Helps Sleep Griffonia Simplicifolia


About the product

  • 5-HTP is made from Griffonia Simplicifolia – this is a natural substance found in Africa – it can be used to help people sleep and can promote combating insomnia
  • This supplement for men + kids + women can also be used to improve levels of happiness and wellbeing – it does this by boosting levels of serotonin in the blood
  • Large 50 mg serving can help to promote weight loss as well as reduce the signs of fatigue and stiffness around the body – perfect recovery after exercise or a workout
  • Research from a double blind study has shown that this supplement is the ideal way to promote weight loss in women and men alongside an improved diet
  • This can also act as a pain relief supplement + can also help to increase libido as well as curb appetite and help to burn belly fat the natural way thanks to 5-HTP

Product description

Do you want to sleep better at night, boost your levels of serotonin and improve levels of happiness and wellbeing? Then you need to to take these 5-HTP supplements from Brandon Sciences.

This natural and potent product is taken from a shrub West and Central Africa. These supplements can be used to help those who take it sleep and can help to relieve the effects of insomnia.

Not only that, these capsules for men, women and children can increase the levels of serotonin that is released into the body. This will help to improve levels of happiness as well as feelings of wellbeing – all from these potent pills.

Within the supplements is a large 50mg serving of the active ingredient – this can also help to promote weight loss through a better fitness and exercise regime.

5-HTP has been used in double blind studies and is shown to actively promote weight loss. This can also be used to enhance libido as well as burn belly fat.

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