Pure Acai Berry Pills – 600mg Premium Concentrate Pills for Weight Loss – Fat Burner Pills – 100% Natural Potent Acai Berry Diet Supplement Capsules – Antioxidant Cleanse + Detox


About the product

  • WEIGHT LOSS – Metabolize fat – burn more calories + turn food to fuel with careful low glycemic dietary food plan + acai supplementation – daily dosage + exercise to raise metabolism the organic way
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT – Amazon rainforest superfood – highest ORAC fruit score – super high antioxidant activity – preserves cells + protects body systems + improves efficiency – exotic flavonoids
  • DETOXIFY + MORE – colon cleanse + cleanse on a cellular level for better energy + ATP production efficiency plus cardiovascular health support + keep blood sugar steady – which suppresses appetite
  • BEST BENEFITS + USES – Immune support – healthy aging – this popular super food also comes in powder gel raw whole oil tea juice + smoothies – but our easy supplement is most clean + convenient
  • All NATURAL INGREDIENTS – 600 mg capsules with 4:1 concentration of acai berry extract – highest quality + highest purity formula – 100% guarantee – unlock superior power from a tiny purple berry

Product description

You’ve heard all the buzz about Acai berries—now you can get all the benefits in a convenient, easy-to-take daily pill. This tiny Amazonian superhero packs a wallop when it comes to antioxidant activity. In fact, Acai berries carry the highest ORAC (antioxidant ability) rating of any other fruit. From the branches of the Acai palm, genus Euterpe, this little berry packs our Acai supplement with a 4:1 concentration of pure, potent Acai extract! With high antioxidant activity, Acai can affect many aspects of the body’s functioning: -Energy -Cellular processes -Detox + cleansing -Metabolism -Weight -Appetite -Aging -Vitality Acai berries, juice and extract can be found in many forms: powder, gel, raw, dried, etc., but our convenient daily dose supplement is clean, travels well and goes wherever you go! Pick up a bottle today and let us know how it affects your life. We love hearing from our customers and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We only use the purest, highest quality sourced ingredients for our supplements and formulas.

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