All Natural GREEN TEA Leaf Extract Pills EGCG 100% Pure Immune System Metabolism Workout Boost Burn Belly Fat Herbal Dietary Supplement 500 mg Capsules for Men & Women Natural Caffeine by Griffith Natural


About the product

  • All Natural – Green Tea Extract pills are natural and are a great way to stay healthy and productive  – and naturally keep a high brain function and Focus throughout the day.
  • Lose Weight – Green tea can be used as a Natural Weight loss Supplement – The Polyphenol found in Green Tea works to intensify the rate at which your body turns food into calories
  • Antioxidant – Green Tea is rich in Antioxidants like EGCG and Catechin Polyphenols, major health benefits stemming from antioxidants include strengthening of the Immune system
  • Great for Workout – Green tea has Catechins which help the body to burn up fat as fuel – Being able to exercise more means you’re burning more calories – leading to an increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Energy Booster – The energetic effects Green Tea may have are due to the Natural Caffeine it contains – Green Tea also has some Natural Minerals that are important for health

Product description

GREEN TEA has been known to be a great Natural Supplement with great Health and Lifestyle benefits, it can increase productivity and function during workout as well as during rest and throughout the day.

NATURAL CAFFEINE leads to improvements in various aspects of brain function, including improved mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. And combined with the L-theanine found in Green Tea it can affect stable energy and productivity.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Green Tea boosts the strength of the immune system. The catechins present in Green Tea help keep you healthy and in great shape. These Catechins have also been observed to counter the toxins released by microbes.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our Green Tea pills are 100% Natural and Pure and we place great attention on every bottle and capsule to ensure its high quality, We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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