Biogreen Labs Chromium Picolinate Capsules for Weight Loss Metabolism Boost 200 mcg Pills Metabolize Fat Carbs Protein Support Insulin Function Blood Sugar Level 60 Capsules

Chromium Picolinate Capsules – Weight Loss Metabolism – 200mcg Pills Metabolize Fat Carbs Protein + Support Insulin Function Healthy Cholesterol + Blood Sugar Levels – Trace Mineral


Product description

Chromium is a trace mineral, yet vitally important to many cellular and body processes. If you find yourself needing Chromium, pick up a bottle of our 200 mcg Chromium Picolinate pills. We combine biologically active Chromium with Picolinic acid to effectively deliver Chromium right where it’s needed. Chromium is highly involved in the body’s insulin response; therefore it affects other parts and processes which are affected by blood sugar levels. Chromium helps insulin transport glucose from the blood into the cells, where it is used for energy. This process is known as the GTF (glucose tolerance factor,) and it keeps blood sugar levels in check. Chromium can be related to many aspects of the body, including: -Weight Loss -Metabolism -Skin Clarity -Appetite -Energy Levels -Blood Sugar As always, we stand behind our products and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We only use the highest quality, purest sourced ingredients and processes. If you find yourself in need of a Chromium supplement, pick up a bottle today and let us know how it changes your life and health!

About the product
  • ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENT – Chromium is a trace mineral – we pack each and every high quality cap with 200 100% pure elemental Chromium – natural mineral source with easy oral dosage
  • GTF – Chromium is part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor – an essential insulin cofactor + helps insulin work optimally + stabilize blood sugar – remove sugar from blood + convert glucose to energy
  • RAISE METABOLISM – Turn food to fuel – burn calories faster – melt fat + use sugar more efficiently – these capsules help body absorb more Chromium + metabolize proteins – lipids + carbohydrates
  • MORE BENEFITS + USES – Vital metallic element for many body systems organs + processes – stable blood sugar improves + resolves acne + suppresses or normalizes appetite
  • HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR – Biologically active + bioavailable Chromium combines with picolinic acid to assist insulin in delivering energy to cells – which helps blood sugar – low steady + consistent

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