Stylish Adlens Glasses for Men & Women Emergency Reading Glasses with Variable Focus Lenses for Near or Far Sighted Users Prescription Lenses Replacement Driving Computer Use by Capital Glasses

Prescription Lenses - Stylish Adlens Glasses for Men & Women - Reading + Driving + Computer Use - By Capital Glasses


About the product
  • Best adjustable focus eyewear – Get clear vision instantly. Our Adlens glasses use variable prescription lenses that let you change the magnification by turning the dials. This is a convenient, easy to use alternative that you’re sure to love!
  • Clear vision at any distance – Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, our Adlens adjustable glasses can help you get 20/20 vision. They have a diopter range of -6 to +3. Switch easily from your reading prescription to your driving prescription!
  • Versatile eyewear – Our variable focus glasses can be used for reading, driving, sewing, and other daily activities. Use them every day, or keep them as an excellent backup pair for your usual specs. They’re bound to meet your needs.
  • Both stylish and dependable – With a durable and flexible frame, along with shatter resistant lenses, our Adlens adjustable glasses are built to last. The unisex design is also very fashionable, so you will definitely enjoy wearing them.
  • Excellent quality – Capital Glasses wants only the best for our customers! All of our Adlens variable focus glasses are produced in first-class manufacturing facilities. We are confident in their quality. Note: not suitable for astigmatism.

Product description

Adlens adjustable glasses are the latest choice in vision correction! These glasses allow you change the prescription of each lens at any time to match your vision’s requirements. Using the groundbreaking Alvarez lens technology, which models the eye’s natural ability to focus, our product lets you see clearly by simply turning a dial.

Each lens is comprised of two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates that glide when you turn the dial, providing a diopter range of -6 to +3. Our variable focus glasses are lightweight and easy to use. And unlike normal progressive or varifocal glasses, the prescription of the entire lens area will change to match your needs.

Focus with full clarity at any distance! Our product is great for both nearsighted and farsighted users, but not for people with astigmatism. This stylish product boasts a black unisex frame measuring 49-22-141. Once you’ve tried these glasses, you’ll fall in love instantly at how convenient they are to use.

When it comes to quality, count on Capital Glasses to deliver. Our Adlens glasses are durable, versatile, and offer a great value for money. Use them every day in all activities, from reading to needlework!

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