Chromium Picolinate


  • GLUCOSE TOLERANCE FACTOR – GTF assists body health + Chromium is essential part of the GTF which is a cofactor – stabilizes blood sugar + helps body work optimally
  • CHROMIUM FOR BETTER BLOOD SUGAR – Keep blood sugar steady consistent + low with biologically active Chromium combines with picolinic acid – assists insulin in delivering energy to cells
  • METABOLISM BOOST – Utilize sugar faster – burn calories quicker + melt fat faster – Our pills help body absorb more Chromium + efficiently metabolize carbohydrates lipids + proteins – food to fuel
  • TRACE MINERAL + MICRONUTRIENT – 200 mcg 100% pure elemental metallic Chromium packed into each and every high quality cap – natural mineral source with easier delivery than powder or liquid
  • BODY BENEFITS – Many bodily processes + functions occur thanks to this vital metallic element – blood sugar is stabilized and thus acne can improve + appetite can be suppressed or normalized


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